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Freon Leak

Freon or better known as the Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) is an Organic compound which is extensively used as refrigerants, propellants and solvents. We all have refrigerators or fridge that we use in common and an AC as well in our home. Freon is the main substance used for the coolant purpose. We all are aware of the fact that CFC or Freon is the main cause of Ozone depletion. Many manufacturers have been working on their high-tech gadgets to lower the CFC emissions.

Freon Leak Precautions

Freon is the main substance in your AC that is used as the coolant to cool your house and rooms. The Freon gas is compressed and is located inside the compressor of your AC or Fridge. In most cases a Freon Leak doesn’t occur as whenever you purchase a new fridge or a AC,  they seal it completely to avoid any kind of Freon Leak. But still as the time goes and if your device is a pretty old one and if you have to move the unit from one place to another, there may be the possibility of a Freon Leak. The most important issue of a Freon leak is the environmental issue. We all know about Global Warming, holes in Ozone layer, so I’m not going to repeat all of them again.

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Freon Leak Signals

As the Freon is under the category of CFC which is derived from Organic compounds made up off Carbon, Chlorine, Fluorine and producing a volatile substance like methane & ethane. Methane & Ethane are both highly inflammable substances, and can catch fire easily if exposed to any kinds of heat or fire. Even compounds of Ethane & Methane are also used in our cooking gas which is again compressed at a fixed temperature and burns when exposed to air that is Oxygen.
Now  a Freon Leak generally doesn’t happen as explained,  it’s compressed in a fixed temperature and is located inside the Compressor, we still should be careful and take precautions for any kind of situation. If a sudden Freon Leak takes place and you are aware of the fact that its leaking, you wont be in the situation to call 911 emergency. Rather, take some steps on your own and then call the Technician. First thing that you should do if you think that Freon Leak has taken place, open all the doors & windows so that you are not stuck inside with the Gas as it can cause nausea and headache  / pains. Move your kids or pets outside, check the valve of the compressor of your Fridge or AC, you can also use a wet cloth to determine if its leaking. Don’t ever use any kind of igniting materials, switch of the burners of your Stove & Gas in your kitchen. Finally, if you are sure about the Freon Leak then call up the technician or the manufacturer for an immediate resolution or replacement.